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Research Articles:

Localized Calcium Signals in Early Zebrafish Development.
Reinhard, E., Yokoe, H., Niebling, K.R., Allbritton, N., Kuhn, M., and Tobias Meyer,
Developmental Biology 170:50-61, 1995.

Accurate in vitro cleavage by RNase III of phosphorothioate-substituted RNA processing signals in bacteriophage T7 early mRNA.
Nicholoson, A.W., K.R. Niebling, P.L. McOsker and H.D. Robertson,
Nucleic Acids Research 16:1577-1591, 1988.

Myosin subfragment-1 is necessary and sufficient to produce actin sliding movement in vitro.
Toyoshima, Y.Y., S.J. Kron, E.M. McNally, K.R. Niebling, C. Toyoshima, and J.A. Spudich,
Nature 328(6130):536-539, 1987.

Other Documents and Articles:

Doctoral Thesis (Stanford University Medical School, 1993):
Purification and Characterization of a 270 kD Actin-binding Protein from Dictyostelium.

Precision Design and Delivery for Drugs and Agrochemicals, (October 7, 1994), 131 pages.
for the National Institute of Standards and Technology - Advanced Technology Program.

Tissue Engineering and Novel Bioreactors, (October 19, 1994), 69 pages,
for the National Institute of Standards and Technology - Advanced Technology Program.

Gene Thereapy and Neuroscience in the United States: Developments in Biotechnology,
(February 25, 1995), 53 pages, for the Genetic Engineering Research Institute (Korea).

Technology Update on Strategies and Methods for Manufacturing Peptides,
Genetic Engineering News, pp. 8-9, May, 1995.

Agricultural Biotechnology Companies Set Their Sights on Multi-Billion $$ Markets,
Genetic Engineering News, pp. 1:20-21, July, 1995.

Developments in Markets for Agricultural and Biomedical Biotechnology,
abstracted at United Nations Industrial Development Organization, General Conference
Annual Meeting, Vienna Austria, October 1995.

Cosmeceutics: Emerging Markets and Trends, February 1996, 100 pages
for Business Trends Analysts.

Pharmaceutical Companies Stake Out Territory in Cosmeceutics,
Genetic Engineering News, 16(7):1-27, 1996.

Global Markets for Laboratory Equipment and Analytical Instruments, September 1996,
200 pages for Leading Edge Reports.

Driving Successful Assay Development; Host of Therapeutic Classes Require Continuous Updating of Technology,
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News; Feature Article: Vol. 30(9), 2010.

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